Dental Implants As An Alternative To Removable Dental Devices

Dental implants in Maple Grove MN are devices that are used during surgical operations to ensure strong, secure, and permanent teeth for individuals with tooth loss conditions. Dental implants can be used to secure one tooth or they can be used to create an attachment or anchor for a denture or bridge device. Dental implants are the most natural types of dental replacements that can be used for patients. Individuals who desire dental implants in Maple Grove MN will be people who have tried removable dentures, bridges, and other devices that are not comfortable or appealing in regard to aesthetics. Most people will try to use temporary devices for a number of years before they decide that a permanent option is of greater benefit. Procedures to place dental implants will be considered time consuming, painful, and expensive. Although this is true, the benefits of receiving a strong dental root will far outweigh the negative aspects of the operation. Individuals will only need to go through a single surgery, because the root of the implant will become a part of the jaw after insertion. This means that it will never loosen and dislodge. The special process in which the jaw fuses to the metal of the dental implant is called osseointegration. Osseointegration will start to occur as bone cells grow and form around the dental implant. This will happen during the eight to twelve week healing period once oral surgery has been completed. Patients, dentists, and oral surgeons will all need to consider whether or not dental implants are ideal or not. Considerations by dental professionals will involve basic and complex assessments to make sure that the patient is healthy and physically able to go through surgery. Good health will mean that the jaw bone has not been degraded or worn down at all by bacterial activity or osteoporosis conditions. The patient will need to be seen without any immune disorders and the individual will need to be free of chronic disorders that may directly affect the health of the gums, teeth, and jaw. Diabetes is one condition that can leave the mouth in ill health, and this means that individuals with diabetes may be informed that they will have a reduced success rate if implants are secured in the mouth. Reduced success rates do not always mean that dental implants in Maple Grove MN cannot be secured, but it does mean that the implant root may not set correctly. Along with health assessments, an oral surgeon will need to consider the structure, thickness, position, and angle of the jaw. Head and mouth x-rays will show the oral surgeon how the jaw sits in the mouth. The surgeon will need to be aware of important tissues near implant sites too. Tissues that include nerves, arteries, sinuses, and other structures will need to be located in relation to the surgical area. This is best so that few surgical complications arise when the dental implant operation is completed. The operation will occur while the patient is under anesthesia. Anesthetics will be offered that are strong enough that the patient is in a sleep state before and during the Maple Grove MN dental implants procedure. This is best to reduce pain and distress, and the surgeon can make sure that the patient is still and in a good position during the entire procedure when sedation is provided. Once patients are under full sedation, the oral surgeon who is completing the dental implant procedure will start to cut and move gums from the jaw bone. This will occur only in the area where the implant will be secured. Gums will be replaced, and this means that clean cuts will be made so that stitches can secure the tissues over the jaw. The jaw will need to be inspected for cracks, lumps, or other inconsistencies. If the jaw is deemed healthy and consistent, then a drill will be started to work an opening in the bone. Drilling will occur continually with the presence of either air or water. This helps to reduce friction. The jaw bone hole will be just wide and long enough to accept the implant post. This post will contain tapers that allow it to be twisted into the formulated jaw hole. Click here to visit the website of a local dentist who can place dental implants: