DIY Tooth Fairy Pillows: Make The Most Of Your Children’s Memories

Playing tooth fairy is just as much fun as it is for kids to lose their teeth. Parents get so excited to be able to sneak in, swap the tooth for a wonderful prize, and see the joy on the child's face in the morning. However, some kids sleep lightly, making it hard to sneak in without waking them. Other kids flop around so much the tooth could be across the room by the time you go in to do the deed. It's much simpler to have a special tooth fairy pillow that the tooth goes in. You can set the tooth fairy pillow on the side of the bed, or even hang it on the doorknob to make your swap easier. Here are two cute tooth fairy pillow ideas and how to make them.

Door knob pillow

This tooth fairy pillow is a small 8x8 pillow with a cute tooth on the front, and ribbon to hang it up. For this pillow you will need:

  • 2 square pieces of cotton fabric- 8x8

  • 1 square piece of colored felt- 4x4

  • 1 white piece of felt 4x4

  • 1 piece of craft ribbon approx. 10 inches

  • Pillow stuffing or cotton balls

  • Embroidery floss

  • Embroidery needle

First thing you need to do is cut out your white felt so it is the shape of a tooth. Next, use your embroidery needle or floss to sew a cute happy face onto the tooth. You can even let your child be involved by allowing him or her to embroider under your supervision. Once the face of the tooth is finished, center it on the colored felt and sew around the edges of the tooth.

Your felt with the tooth sewn on will be the tooth pocket for the pillow. Grab one of your 8x8 pieces of fabric and sew the square felt on, leaving the top open. Once you finish, lay your fabric with the pocket on it face up, and put your other piece on top, facing in. Sew the sides and bottom, and then turn it right side out. Fill up the pillow with stuffing. Put your ribbon in place so it will hang evenly and sew it onto the fabric. Sew the sides completely together to finish. Your tooth fairy pillow is complete. Now you can hang it from your child's doorknob, and you won't need ninja-like stealth to play tooth fairy.

Tooth diagram pillow

This pillow is a fun way to remember when teeth were lost, which teeth were lost, and it will hold the missing tooth as well. For this pillow you will need:

  • 2 pieces of cotton fabric- 12x12

  • 1 piece of white cotton fabric- 10x10

  • Fine point black permanent marker

  • 1 small piece of fabric (any kind)- 3x3

  • Cotton or pillow stuffing

This pillow takes a little bit of artistic work. You will lay the white fabric flat and write your child's name at the top. In the middle, draw each baby tooth so the top row arches up and the bottom row arches down like a dentist diagram. Make sure there is enough room in the center for the small pocket. You can add straight lines to write the dates next to each tooth if you like. Once you finish your picture, put the small fabric in the center. Sew it on by stitching the sides and bottom. This will be your child's tooth pocket.

Sew the white fabric with the diagram onto the front of one of your 12x12 pieces. Once you finish lay the other on top so they're both facing in. Sew three sides together, and turn right side out. Stuff the pillow, and sew the final edge. Now every time your child loses a tooth, you can write the date by the corresponding tooth and keep the memories forever.

Loosing teeth is a big time for school age children. Make the most of it by adding in some extra fun with playing tooth fairy. These pillows will add to your memories, and help you hold onto them by having a pillow to cherish forever.

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