Things To Know About Bone Grafting & Dental Implants

Were you treated for periodontitis and left with a few missing teeth because they had to be extracted? Hiding your smile because you are embarrassed about missing teeth is not something that you have to deal with. There are cosmetic procedures that can be done to give you a nice smile to show off. The most permanent form of cosmetic dentistry is done with the installation of dental implants. You must have strong jawbones to get dental implants, or you will have to undergo bone grafting. Below, you will find out more about dental implants and bone grafting to decide if you want to invest in the procedures.

Bone Grafting Will Give Dental Implants Security

You will have to visit a dentist to find out if your jawbones are strong enough to keep dental implants secure. Weak jawbones won't keep the metal posts in place, which can turn out to be a wasted investment because your artificial teeth will likely fall out. However, don't feel bad if you are told that you are not a good candidate for implants. The dentist will likely give you the opportunity to undergo bone grafting to fix the problem of weak jawbones. Basically, your oral surgeon will be adding bone to your jaw to strengthen it.

Dental Implants Will Function in a Natural Manner

The perk that will make dental implants a good investment is that they will function like natural teeth. You will also be able to smile with confidence, as it will be difficult for anyone to compare your natural teeth to the artificial ones. The artificial teeth can be matched to the color of your natural ones, and the texture will look the same as well. The dentist will install the teeth by first securing metal posts in your jawbones. He or she will proceed to install pieces called abutments and the artificial teeth after you have healed from the metal posts being installed.

Keeping Artificial Teeth in Good Shape Isn't Hard

You will have no problems when it comes to taking care of your teeth after dental implants are installed. Simply brush and floss them, but make sure the toothpaste is non-abrasive to protect the surface of the artificial teeth. Go to a dentist to get your overall oral health examined every now and then. The dental implants should last for many years to come as long as you take care of your teeth and gums.

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