Three Reasons Your Toothpaste Is Doing More Harm Than Good

When you wake up in the morning, you most likely lather on the toothpaste and brush your teeth. Many people can't start their day without doing this because they feel clean and refreshed once they're done. However, you need to remember that, while your toothpaste is helping you to feel cleaner, it isn't actually cleaning at all. In fact, it's the brushing that is cleaning your teeth. The toothpaste is simply making your breath smell better. This doesn't mean that toothpaste is bad, necessarily, but here are three reasons it might be:

You Are Using Too Much of It:

Toothpaste contains fluoride for the simple reason that fluoride helps keep your teeth strong, which works perfectly well if used in the right amounts. However, if you start to use too much toothpaste, the fluoride can easily be ingested, which can cause problems since fluoride is not something that should be ingested into the human body in large amounts. When you use toothpaste, you want to use a pea-sized amount and be sure that you do not swallow it by rinsing your mouth out afterwards. 

You Think the Toothpaste is Cleaning Your Teeth:

Toothpaste is used because it makes your teeth feel cleaner, but this doesn't mean that they are. When you use toothpaste, you need to be sure that you are also brushing, otherwise, your teeth aren't reaping any benefits at all from being brushed with toothpaste. You should be brushing your teeth for at least two minutes in order to ensure that every area of your teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned. 

You Are Using the Wrong Toothpaste:

When you purchase toothpaste, be careful not to purchase toothpaste that claims it is going to make your teeth whiter. This is because toothpastes that whiten the teeth have abrasives in them that can actually be causing damage to the surface. It's much better to go to your dentist and have in-office cleaning done because it won't damage the surface of the teeth. This leads to less tooth sensitivity and a much whiter smile than just toothpaste could provide alone. 

When you know these three reasons your toothpaste might be doing more harm then good, you can begin to fix any simple mistakes you might be making so that you can brush your teeth more efficiently. It's important not to have the misunderstanding that toothpaste is doing the job for you.