Questions To Ask When Choosing Between Veneers And Crowns

When having your teeth restored, one of the challenges is determining whether you should choose veneers or a crown. There are many factors at play that will affect which option will lead to the best outcome leading to a beautiful smile that will last the patient for years to come.

How Much Is Left Of The Lingual Surface?

When the lingual surface has worn to the dentin or the carious, your cosmetic dentist will usually recommend that you choose crowns. The veneers require that the lingual surface is still intact. The lingual surface is the part of the tooth that is next to the tongue. 

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Patients who often grind their teeth are not good candidates for veneers and are better off having teeth replaced with correctly placed crowns. Otherwise, the grinding of the teeth can cause damage to the veneers. Crowns also make it possible to contour teeth evenly. 

Do You Have An Active Lesion?

If your mouth has an active lesion, it is a good idea to have crowns put in place instead of veneers. The crowns have more caries resistance. However, if the caries activity is not that extreme, the veneers are a better option.

Do You Have All Of Your Enamel?

When the enamel on the teeth is properly etched, the veneers will be much more likely to be retained. If the enamel has eroded, it makes more sense to have crowns put in place. Mandibular anterior teeth usually do not have enough enamel to attach veneers to. Therefore, it makes more sense to use crowns.

Do Your Teeth Need To Be Repositioned?

When the teeth severely need to be repositioned, it is a better idea to use crowns than to use veneers because crowns make it easier for the cosmetic dentist to achieve occlusal stability. for example, if there is a significant breakdown of your teeth, the best option might be to have the damaged teeth replaced with lithium disilicate crowns. 

In some cases, both veneers and crowns might be used. It is difficult to find two sets of veneers or two sets of crowns that match each other to an extent where the difference in color isn't noticeable. However, it is even more difficult to find crowns and veneers that match each other. Therefore, for aesthetic reasons, it is better to choose either crowns or veneers alone. However, every situation is different and the best way to know for sure is to consult with your cosmetic dentist.