Learn The Benefits Of Clear Aligners

If you have crooked teeth you can have braces put on, but there are some things you need to consider before going this route. The first thing you want to know is braces can be quite costly. Also, they are quite uncomfortable, especially after you first have them put on and each time you go in for the dentist to tighten them. Braces also have sharp pieces that can cut the inside of your mouth. There is another option you should consider that will help you straighten your teeth while offering you some great benefits. Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy with clear aligners:

Clear aligners aren't as easy to spot

When you are wearing clear aligners you can straighten your teeth without it being as obvious to people you are talking to. The clear design they have allows the color of your teeth to show right through so it will appear like nothing is in your mouth unless someone is extremely close to you and really staring at your mouth.

Clear aligners are comfortable

Clear aligners are made of a smooth material so you can have your teeth straightened without cuts, scrapes and sores hurting the inside of your mouth. They also fit right over your teeth so you don't have to deal with having brackets and wires on your teeth.

Clear aligners will continuously cause your teeth to shift

Like braces, clear aligners will continuously apply pressure to your teeth in a way that will cause them to shift how they need to in order for you to end up with a straighter smile. With braces you will go in and have the wires tightened which can be quite irritating and even painful. With the clear aligners you will simply go in and get a new set that will ensure pressure continues to be placed on the appropriate teeth.

Clear aligners are easy to care for

Since clear aligners can be taken out of your mouth at any time, they are very easy to care for. You simply remove them and rinse them off with cold water when food is caught in them. You can also wash them with water and soap. You never want to use tooth paste or mouthwash on them.  


Now that you have a pretty good understanding of some of the benefits that clear aligners have to offer you may see why they would make a great option for you. Talk with your dentist or Goldberg Dental Group for more information.