Care Tips For Soft-Lined Partial Dentures

When you get a partial denture, it's formed to fit perfectly to your jaw line. Unfortunately, changes in your gums and jaw bone over time can leave you with an ill-fitting piece that may rub, cause irritation, or even lead to open sores on your gums. If your partial isn't fitting like it used to, you may want to talk with your dentist about having the denture fitted with a soft liner. It is a flexible, soft plastic-like material that is added to the bottom of the partial, creating a cushion against your gums and improving the fit. Here are some things you should know about soft-lined dentures.

Who Are Good Candidates For Soft Lining?

There are many patients who are good candidates for having a soft lining applied to their denture. For example, people who struggle with chronic irritation and soreness from their dentures often benefit from soft liners. In addition, they are commonly used for patients with flat gum tissue or bony places along the jaw that have thin gum tissue.

How Do You Care For A Soft Lining?

Dentures with a soft liner need some careful attention to ensure that they will remain in good condition. Understanding this care is important for protecting your investment.

When you first get your soft-lined denture, your dentist will recommend that you not take it out for the first 24 hours. This gives it time to settle in against your gum line and lets your gums adjust to the new liner surface.

Always store your dentures in water when you take them out. If you don't, the soft liner will dry out, shrink, and sometimes even crack. This will lead to significant discomfort when you wear the dentures, and may even lead to needing replacement.

You should brush your dentures regularly, just as you do your natural teeth. With a soft liner, you'll want to avoid any toothpaste that has abrasive properties, because that can scratch and damage the liner. It's also important to use a toothbrush that's soft or medium-bristled, because anything too stiff will scratch the liner, and may even scratch the teeth.

Don't use hot water when you soak your dentures or when you brush them. The heat can cause a soft liner to shrink slightly, which will disrupt the fit. Before you take them out to clean them, fill the sink with lukewarm water. That way, if you drop them, not only will it not damage the teeth, it also won't risk breaking the liner.

Rinse your dentures completely after every cleaning. That ensures that there's no residue left behind that can ultimately damage the liner. And make sure any soaking solution you use is specially designed for soft linings. You don't want to use anything too harsh, because it can weaken the material that the lining is made from.

Finally, every time you take your dentures out, brush your gums lightly, too. That helps keep blood flowing in your gums, which will keep them healthy. This is essential for a proper foundation to support the soft liner. Visit a site like for more help.