A Few Things To Know About Getting Veneers To Whiten Your Front Teeth

If you have stained teeth that don't improve with whitening products, then you may want to talk to a cosmetic dentist about getting veneers. A veneer covers your natural teeth with a thin layer of porcelain or resin so the stains are completely covered and you have a white smile. Veneers are an excellent way to have the white teeth you've always wanted. Here are a few things you might like to know.

Porcelain Veneers Resist Stains Best

When you first get veneers, your teeth will be white and glossy. Over time, they may develop some discoloration, especially if you smoke or drink a lot of tea or wine. If your lifestyle contributes to a higher risk of staining, you may want to choose porcelain veneers over the resin variety. Both materials resist discoloration better than natural enamel, but porcelain does a much better job of staying white. Still, you'll need to brush your teeth regularly and have regular dental cleanings no matter what type of veneers you choose to keep your teeth free from stains and to maintain the bright, white color.

The Veneer Color Can't Be Lightened

Dental cleaning and brushing maintain the white color of the veneers you have, but they can't lighten the color. Whitening products won't lighten the shade of white either. For that reason, you need to choose the shade of white carefully. Your dentist will match the color of the veneers to your other teeth so they blend in. If you want a whiter smile than you have now, you may want to undergo a teeth whitening procedure first so all your other teeth are as white as possible when it is time to color match the veneers. If you choose a shade that isn't as white as you like, or if you want to whiten your teeth later, you may need to get new veneers in a whiter shade so all your teeth match in color.

Getting Veneers Is An Easy Process

Having veneers put on your teeth is an easy process. It entails removing a very thin layer of enamel and then adhering the shells to your teeth with dental cement. Even if you hate undergoing dental procedures and going to the dentist, you can probably tolerate getting veneers since it is easy to endure when compared to other dental procedures. Your new veneers will last for several years, but it's possible they'll need to be replaced at some point depending on your oral health and dental habits. For instance, if you develop receding gums or use your front teeth to open lids or crunch ice, you may need to have the veneers replaced sooner than if you take good care of them.

Dental veneers can make a big difference in your smile. If your front teeth have been discolored for years due to medications or an injury, you'll appreciate how the veneers restore your teeth to a whiter color so you can smile without being self-conscious about the stains on your teeth.

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