The Top Three Reasons Why Your Dentures May Need To Be Repaired

Denture wearers need to be aware that their dentures can be damaged and may need to be repaired. Sometimes the damage is simply caused by use and wear. As the denture ages, it may get worn down, making it feel uncomfortable. Having the denture repaired can help extend its life and make you comfortable while wearing it. But other times, the actions, or lack thereof, that you take, can cause the dentures to need to be repaired. Here are three of the top reasons why your dentures may need to be repaired. 

1. You Have Not Properly Cleaned Them

It is important to regularly and properly clean your dentures after they have been worn. This helps to remove food particles and bacteria from the dentures. However, if this is not done routinely or properly, food particles and bacteria can build up on the dentures. The gum part of the denture is made from acrylic, which is porous. These pores absorb the food and bacteria, and overtime, this can cause the acrylic to deteriorate. As it deteriorates, the dentures will not fit you as well and may shift or move in your mouth. 

2. You Have Lost Weight

When you lose weight, your gums can actually shrink. While losing weight is a good thing for you if you are overweight, one of the downsides to weight loss for denture wearers is that their dentures may suddenly be too large for your now smaller gums. This causes the dentures to shift and move in your mouth and also makes them uncomfortable. Unless your dentures are extremely uncomfortable or you are losing a substantial amount of weight, try to wait until you are near your goal weight before having the dentures adjusted or you may have to have them adjusted a second time when you near your goal weight. 

3. A Sudden Impact on Your Dentures

The last reason why your dentures may need to be repaired is that there was a sudden impact to the dentures. A baseball or hockey puck may have hit you in the face or you may have bit down on a hard object, like a popcorn kernel. Just like real teeth, the fake teeth on dentures can chip, crack or break if there is a sudden impact to them. If the impact is severe, the denture itself may also break into multiple pieces. If the denture is in two pieces, it can likely be repaired. If there are multiple pieces, you may need new dentures. 

If your dentures are not fitting properly or are uncomfortable while they are being worn, you will want to contact your dentist. They can examine the dentures determine what adjustments or denture repairs may be needed to help make them comfortable for you again.