Is There An Adjustment Period After Getting Dental Crowns?

If you've never had a dental crown before, chances are you have questions on what to expect. One common question is whether or not you'll need to spend some time in an adjustment period after you get one or more dental crowns put in place. Here's what you need to know about getting used to your new dental crown.

Adjusting to The Feeling

Have you ever had a tooth filling and thought after your dental visit was over that things didn't feel right? Did you stop feeling that way after a day or so of using your repaired tooth? This is the same thing that can happen with dental crowns.

There are two main reasons why a dental crown may feel odd at first. One possibility is that you're not used to biting down onto a solid tooth anymore if you had a damaged tooth exposed for a long period of time. This is especially likely if your tooth was partially broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged in a way that dramatically altered its shape.

Alternatively, you may have gotten used to the way that a temporary dental crown felt while your dentist was waiting for your finished one to be delivered. Your temporary crown was a generic one that wasn't designed for your mouth, so this can feel a bit different when you switch between the two.

Gum Health

If your gum health is poor, you may feel as though your dental crown isn't quite right. Rest assured that the crown is not at fault here, but your gum health is.

When a crown is put in, it aims to cover the entire tooth. This helps to prevent bacterial infections and any kind of food debris from getting under your crown. However, if your gums aren't healthy, they may be sensitive, sore, or swollen in a way that they're irritated when rubbing against the dental crown. Your crown can stay, but you should work with a dentist to improve the health of your gums. Then your symptoms should go away.

Why You Shouldn't Worry

When your dentist ordered your dental crown, they based it on specific measurements that were taken of your mouth. Your dental crown is made especially for you and will fit perfectly. If you feel as though it's not quite right, give it some time and see if you stop noticing it after a day or so. Alternatively, get in touch with your dentist and ask them if your dental health could be affecting the way that your crown feels to you. In either case, your dentist can reassure you and help you with any additional procedures you may need to improve your comfort.

In the vast majority of cases, dental crowns will fit you perfectly the first time - it just might not seem like it at first. Trust in your dentist and don't worry about an adjustment period following your procedure.

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