How To Answer When Asked, “Why Are You Getting Dental Implants?”

When you've gone through your entire life with missing teeth it can almost feel like a desert oasis has shown up once you hear about dental implants. Finally knowing that there is a solution that will allow you to obtain the kind of smile that you never thought possible is enough to brighten your day and put an extra bit of pep in your step. You want to share your excitement with everyone and can't wait to spread the news. A few people already know about the joys of dental implants but others in your circle need a better explanation of why you're getting them. If you find yourself stumped for a response here are a few ways you can answer those questions.

Dental Implants Are Fixed In Place

Dentures were once the go-to choice for people who wanted to replace missing teeth. You may have had people in your family who wore dentures and probably remember them as mainly appearing overly large or extra white. While dentures may have fit the bill in some respects they were not a stationary object. Dentures were made to be removed each night so they could be cleaned and put into a liquid solution until the next morning.

Times have definitely changed and the field of cosmetic dentistry has evolved by leaps and bounds. Dental implants are designed to be a more permanent solution. They are anchored into your mouth with titanium plates that are fitted into the gums. This gives them the kind of fixed nature that you would usually only find in authentic teeth.

You're Ready To Grab Life By The Horns

A few folks in your life may already be a little familiar with dental implants and could have known loved ones who paid quite a bit of money for them. They will likely ask why you're willing to spend so much of your hard-earned cash for the dental implants at this time. 

Let them know about some of the challenges you have faced all because you just didn't feel good about your smile. Explain how the confidence that you expect to feel is worth every penny because you're ready to get out there and grab life by the horns.

Now that you have a few responses for those who ask about your decision you're ready to get the procedure. Prepare yourself mentally for a seamless experience and get ready to beam at every person you meet.