2 Ways To Get Used To Your Braces

If you are about to get braces, there are a lot of things that you are going to have to deal with. When you first get them, they are going to be a little uncomfortable because you aren't used to them and as you get used to them, you are going to want to do some things that will make them more comfortable for you. 

Dental Wax

One of the things that you can do is to get some dental wax. You can get this from your dentist as well as from any pharmacy or most stores, next to where the toothbrushes and other oral supplies are. The wax is a moldable substance. What you do when you get this is to pinch off a little bit of the wax and knead it. Kneading it makes it warm and pliable. Then you just put the wax on the bracket that is bothering you. Those brackets can rub up against the inside of your cheeks, which can cause sores to happen, and the wax will protect your cheek. You don't want to use this product for all the brackets, just the ones that are bothering you. You also don't want to use it for too long, because you want to make sure that your mouth gets used to the braces, but keeping it around for emergencies will help you. 


If you've ever gotten anything trapped in between your teeth, you know how uncomfortable that can be. It can be even worse when it's under your braces and it's something that you can't deal with easily. Using a waterpik or other similar product will make it easier for you to get anything out that may be trapped around your braces. You can also use that waterpik on a daily basis to help make sure that your teeth stay in good shape while you have your braces. If you can't get a waterpik, there are floss picks that you can use. These picks have a small length of floss already in them. They are easier to maneuver around your braces than regular dental floss would be, and they are much more convenient to take with you when you go to school or work. 

If your dentist suggests that you get braces, there are things that you can do that will help you with the whole process of getting used to your new braces.