What Is A Mobile Dental Service?

If you have trouble getting to the dentist for your regular appointments and checkups, you may want to consider a mobile dental service. If you have never used a mobile dental service before, the following information may be helpful:

What Is a Mobile Dental Service?

A mobile dental service is a full-service dental clinic that comes to your location. The service includes a licensed dentist and the necessary equipment used for most general dental procedures. Mobile dental services offer the dental services you need without a physical location. To use a mobile dental service, you would call the service's provided phone number or use an online form to make an appointment. On your appointment day, the service will arrive at your desired location and perform the dental services you need. Keep in mind that the dentist will not perform the services inside your home due to liability issues.

What Are the Benefits of a Mobile Dental Service?

One of the main benefits of a mobile dental service is the convenience factor. If you are disabled or cannot travel, having a mobile dental service makes getting your dental care much easier. Also, when your schedule is full, it is easier to have a dentist come to you instead of needing to travel to an appointment.

Are There Drawbacks to Mobile Dental Services?

Although a mobile dental service can perform most of your basic dental procedures, it cannot perform more invasive procedures. Many issues must be handled inside a dental clinic due to the complexity of the procedure. Fortunately, you can have an idea of whether a mobile dental service can help you based on the information from your pre-appointment consultation. Also keep in mind that a mobile dentist may cost a bit more than your typical dentist office or have convenience fees.

Should You Consider Using a Mobile Dental Service?

If you only have basic dental care needs or need a checkup, a mobile dental service is for you. The convenience of a mobile dentist is attractive as well. If you do not have a current dentist caring for you or if you want to change dental providers, you can give a mobile dental service a try to see if it works out better for you.

If you are interested in learning more about a mobile dental service, check to see if there are services available in your area. Once you find a provider, make an appointment for a consultation to learn more.