The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Do you wish to replace missing or damaged teeth? Then you should consider visiting an implant dentist for an exceptional alternative to dentures or bridges. If you compare options, the following benefits make dental implants attractive.  

Perfect Match for Natural Teeth 

Dental implants vary in shapes and sizes to match your need. An implant dentist designs the implants based on your dental structure. Thus, the dental implant is usually a perfect fit for the gap created by missing teeth. The implant will match the shape, size, and color of surrounding teeth for an ideal bite and look. Ultimately, no one other than the implant dentist can tell you do not have natural teeth. 

Prevention of Bone Loss

Dental implants help to replace jaw bone stimulation. Typically, you lose bone mass when you lose teeth. Yet, your jawbone requires the stimulation of connected teeth to maintain its mass. You can replace the jaw bone stimulation and prevent bone loss through dental implants. The titanium rod that anchors the dental implant on the jawbone plays a role in sending signals to tell your jaw to the jawbone to grow. Thus, the jawbone grows around the implant during the healing process to prevent bone loss while preserving your face shape. 

Improved Oral Health 

A lot can happen to your natural teeth when there is an empty socket due to a missing tooth. Usually, the gap creates exposure to bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Also, the socket can act as an entry point for bacteria to get into the gum tissues. You may suffer from gum disease and inflamed tissues leading to oral health conditions. In addition, dental bridges and dentures create the problem of hard-to-reach areas that may lead to bacteria build-up. Therefore, an implant dentist can enhance your oral health by ensuring your empty socket is no longer exposed. Better still, dental implants are a low-maintenance solution that does not need extra steps from a typical oral hygiene routine. 

Restore Oral Functionality 

You can restore the biological and aesthetic functionality of the mouth through dental implants. Primarily, dental implants help fill the gap of missing teeth, making it easier to chew food. Since the implant dentist roots the artificial teeth firmly, you will have fewer food restrictions than dentures. In addition, implants can improve speech. Usually, missing teeth affect your pronunciation and speech flow, which can be embarrassing. However, the tongue gets a surface to press against when forming words with dental implants. Then, dental implants look realistic as they blend with your natural teeth perfectly. Therefore, you can restore your smile, gain confidence and overcome self-esteem issues. 

Get dental implants if you are looking for a durable, low-maintenance, almost natural solution to missing teeth. Consult a professional implant dentist for the best outcome.