4 Benefits Of Whole Arch Dental Implants You Probably Don’t Know About

Many adults lose multiple teeth or the entire arch of teeth. Unfortunately, many patients rarely consider implant treatments since they consider them a replacement for single missing teeth. However, you will be delighted to discover the whole mouth tooth implants that provide a solution for multiple missing teeth. Below are some benefits of full-arch dental implants.

1. Preserve Your Bone Structure

The bone underneath your gums supports your teeth. The structure also supports adjacent muscles and tissues, such as the cheeks. Multiple tooth loss leads to the deterioration of the bone. This could affect your facial appearance and lead to further tooth loss.

If you want a sure way to preserve your bone structure and facial appearance, consider visiting a dentist to discuss your options. For example, the expert might recommend full-mouth tooth implants to replace all missing teeth at a go and slow down bone loss.

2. Comfort

Patients with many gaps often get dentures to restore their appearance. Unfortunately, these prosthetics might become loose over time. In addition, ill-fitting dentures get uncomfortable since they sit on the gums, unlike implants, and may lead to sores. Although dentures are largely effective, some patients also complain of slippage when talking or eating.

However, full arch implants are more comfortable and can serve you for many years. You don't have to struggle with ill-fitting dental prosthetics that come off when chewing food or talking. Apart from the occasional change of the dental crown, implants don't become loose and therefore don't need replacements and repairs.

3. Improved Appearance

It is easy to lose a single tooth and even easier to lose more. The process could dent your self-esteem as the missing teeth distort your beautiful smile. But you don't have to suffer any longer. Whole arch implants provide a natural look. They help in restoring your smile and confidence. Implants function and look like real teeth, so no one will know you've undergone the treatment. They also maintain your facial structures to give you a beautiful smile.

4. Low Maintenance

You are probably worried about the upfront and long-term costs of getting implants. While the upfront costs might be high, you'll be happy to discover that the implants have low maintenance costs. Dentists recommend cleaning the implants and scheduling regular dental visits to enjoy long-term service. In addition, implants rarely require repairs and replacements, saving you money. You will benefit immensely, especially when you have multiple teeth to replace.

If missing teeth aren't properly replaced, serious issues could pop up. Therefore, you should fill the gaps as soon as possible and enjoy incredible benefits. Contact your dentist to learn more about whole-arch dental implants and make an informed decision. For more information, contact a clinic like Smiles By Hogan.