Why Tooth Veneers Are A Popular Choice To Fix A Smile

Is your smile less than perfect these days? If you are looking for a cosmetic option to help you fix something, you do have multiple options today, though some are more complicated or invasive than others. Among these options, tooth veneers may be one of the most straightforward and popular choices. Here's why you should reach out to your dentist to discuss tooth veneers.

Cover Up Imperfections

A tooth veneer is used to cover up a tooth that has fallen on hard times. Maybe the tooth is discolored, maybe there's a chip or a crack, or maybe the tooth has always been shaped a little differently compared to the other teeth in your mouth. A tooth veneer gets rid of this imperfection by attaching to the front of your tooth so that the imperfection is no longer seen.

Long-Lasting Materials

Veneers are typically crafted from materials known to provide outstanding durability. Porcelain and resin are two such materials. Veneers crafted from high-quality materials and installed by a professional will last you many years and will stand up to issues like discoloration because they are resistant to stains.

Less Complicated Than Implants

Dental implants are of course another option if you have issues with a tooth. This would involve getting the damaged tooth extracted and then having an implant fused into your jawbone. But this is obviously more invasive than a veneer. With a veneer, you get to keep your natural tooth and just put a cosmetic option on top of the problem.

One Tooth at a Time

Tooth veneers are great for people on a budget because you can do it one tooth at a time. You can fix just one imperfection like a chipped tooth or you can transform your entire mouth by covering up discoloration and stains across the board. You can talk to your dentist about installing the veneers at your own pace or at the pace your budget will allow.

Regular Oral Care Routine

Tooth veneers are also known to be very low maintenance. This is because you can basically stick to a normal oral care routine. If you got into this mess with your mouth because you don't really have such a routine, then all you need to know is that veneers can be cleaned through regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. You can clean your veneers with the same tools you use to clean any remaining natural teeth. 

For more info about tooth veneers, contact a local company.