Teeth, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes: How Endodontics Affects Joint Replacement Surgeries

You might be looking forward to an orthopedic joint replacement surgery as an opportunity to diminish chronic pain and regain mobility.  Before you can undergo any orthopedic joint replacement surgery, however, you and your team of doctors will need to assess your whole-body health to ensure you'll stay safe during the procedure and recover with minimal issues.  Don't let yourself be surprised when your orthopedic team asks you to visit your dentist or endodontist for clearance before you undergo your surgery. Read More 

5 Things You Need To Know About Acute Nectrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis

Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG) is a severe form of gum disease that is caused by a combination of poor oral hygiene and a suppressed immune system. Here's what you need to know about this scary gum disease. Why does it develop? Gum disease is caused by poor oral hygiene. When you eat, plaque builds up on your teeth. Plaque is soft and easy to remove with a toothbrush and floss, but only if you act quickly. Read More 

4 Tips For Treating Your Sensitive Teeth At Home

If you wince with pain every time you bite into something sugary or cold, you may suffer from sensitive teeth. Although the condition can be caused by a variety of things, you can treat your symptoms at home. Using the four tips below will minimize your sensitive teeth's impact on your life. Wait Half An Hour Before Brushing After Eating Sugary Foods Sensitive teeth are often caused by a breakdown of your surface enamel from eating sugary foods. Read More 

Dental Implants As An Alternative To Removable Dental Devices

Dental implants in Maple Grove MN are devices that are used during surgical operations to ensure strong, secure, and permanent teeth for individuals with tooth loss conditions. Dental implants can be used to secure one tooth or they can be used to create an attachment or anchor for a denture or bridge device. Dental implants are the most natural types of dental replacements that can be used for patients. Individuals who desire dental implants in Maple Grove MN will be people who have tried removable dentures, bridges, and other devices that are not comfortable or appealing in regard to aesthetics. Read More