Common Reasons Why You Might Wind Up Wearing Your Braces Longer Than Expected

According to Health Grades, the average person with traditional metal braces will need to wear them around 18 to 24 months. If you choose clear aligners, you can expect to wear them for about 6 to 18 months. However, despite your orthodontist's original plan, it's not uncommon for you to wind up wearing your braces or sporting your clear aligner for longer than expected. If your orthodontist informs you that your braces or clear aligners will need to be used for more than you originally anticipated, here are a few common reasons why this occurred: Read More 

What Your Teen Needs To Know To Colorize Their Braces

As an adult, you may remember the experience of having braces on your teeth as an embarrassing time where you did your best not to smile so you wouldn't draw attention to your mouth. But many of today's teens don't share your shame and are anxious to show off their new look. While it may seem silly to you, teens are increasingly opting to accessorize their orthodontic appliances with bright colors to express their personality. Read More 

5 Tips to Make Sure Your Filling Is Shaped Correctly

If you need a filling on a tooth surface that makes contact with another tooth when you close your mouth or chew, it is important that the filling is properly shaped to give you the appropriate amount of contact between your teeth. If the filling is too low, then you may have difficulty chewing efficiently. If the filling is too high, then the pressure of chewing may cause tension in your jaw and may eventually cause your tooth to crack. Read More 

Inexpensive Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Have you looked in the mirror at your teeth and wished they were whiter and brighter? But is your tight budget keeping you from buying teeth whitening products? A lack of money shouldn't keep you from the white teeth you are after. There are plenty of items you likely already have around your home that can help you to whiten your teeth, while still keeping your budget in check. While some of these are fairly well-known, such as using baking soda, there are some unique ways to whiten your teeth out there. Read More 

Why Fillings Are Necessary for Baby Teeth

When your child's pediatric dentist tells you that he or she has a few cavities in some baby teeth, your initial instinct might be to have the dentist remove the teeth instead of fixing them; this is a common response from parents. However, it is not always the best option. Removing baby teeth before they are ready to come out can present issues with the child's teeth, and this is why dentists will typically suggest removing and filling the cavities found on primary teeth. Read More