Post Teeth Whitening Care

You've chosen professional teeth whitening services. Now you're on the road to a healthy, bright smile. Whether you have staining from what you've been eating or drinking, an injury or another reason, an in-office process can take your smile from dull and drab to a super-star level. Even though you'll leave the office with a whole new look, the dental care doesn't stop there. Taking care of your smile can help to extend the effect and keep your pearly whites looking – well, like pearly whites. Read More 

When a Tooth Becomes Cracked: Options to Repair or Remove a Cracked Tooth

If you have an injury to a tooth that causes your tooth to crack, this can lead to a number of problems with the tooth. Over time, a cracked tooth can let in unwanted bacteria. This can lead to an abscessed tooth, giving you an infection that will need to be taken care of. If your tooth only has a slight crack, your dentist may be able to repair the tooth. Read More 

Home Dental Whitening Tips To Naturally Improve Your Smile

If you feel self-conscious about your yellowing teeth, then by doing some simple things you can greatly improve the look of your smile and whiten your teeth. Rather than purchasing expensive dental bleaching kits or visiting a cosmetic dentist, first try these time-tested tips to whiten your smile at home: Tip: Know What Natural Teeth Should Look Like When you were younger, your teeth were whiter because they did not have as many surface stains and because their inner dentin had not yet yellowed from age. Read More 

Questions About Cavities

Although you may have had a filling in the past, you still may not know much about dental cavities. Here are a few questions and answers to help demystify them. How do cavities form? Cavities, which are holes that develop within your tooth material, occur as acid demineralizes your enamel. Acids are corrosive to your tooth material and dissolve the minerals within your teeth. Oral acids are often produced by the bacteria in your mouth, but they can also be introduced to your teeth through the foods that you consume. Read More 

Understanding The Benefits Of Tooth Reconstruction With A Porcelain And Metal Crown

Your molars are the teeth that retain the most bite stress. In general, your molars are subjected to about 168 pounds of pressure. This is compared to an overall bite force of 5,600 pounds per square inch of force. This amount of pressure is surely substantial, and while the teeth can withstand much more stress than this, the teeth weaken over time. When this happens, the teeth start to crack. When a molar cracks, you will need to see an emergency dentist. Read More